JST Preprint Server “Jxiv” Privacy Policy

1. Scope of the Privacy Policy and General Rules

This Pirvacy Policy shall apply to the collection and provision of personal information and data in connection with the service provided through JST Preprint Server “Jxiv” (together the service provided based on JST Preprint Server “Jxiv” Submission Terms, and that based on JST Preprint Server “Jxiv” Browsing Terms, referred to as “the Service”). This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time, and there is any discrepancy between Japanese text and text in other language, Japanese text shall prevail.

Any provision is specifically provided in JST Preprint Server ”Jxiv” Submission Service Terms (“the Submission Terms”), such provision shall govern the collection and provision of personal information.

2. The Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information and Personal Data

JST will collect, use and provide to a third party, the information stated below as provided in the Submission Terms and this Privacy Policy regarding the Service.

Information CollectedThe purpose of Use

(1) Bibliographic information of Preprint submitted (information on authors and on works) 

(i)Identifying the author of Preprint posted on the Service
(ii)Search for works authoried by a specified author and display the result of searches on the Service
(iii)Provision to any registration organization of object identifier or others for academic content, search services, data analyzing services (including verification services related to similarities of papers) and other External Partners involved in research, analysis and studies, as provided in Section 7. “External Partners” of the Jxiv Submission Terms, which the Contributor agrees.

(2) The country of residence, organization belonging to, mail address and account name of researchmap or ORCID, which are registered by the Contributor upon submission

(i)Mail address
Verifying the Contributor used as log-in ID for the Service
Making inquiries or communicating to the Contributor by JST related to the Service
Sending notices from JST regarding the Services
(ii)User information of the Service
Understanding the User’s preference of using and for statistics and analysis to improve the Service.

(3)Information regarding co-authors (including contact information)

JST making contact in case JST requires investigation or other confirmation of Preprint Data submitted. (JST will usually contact the Contributor who owns account (“Contact Author”); however, JST may contact a corresponding author or other co-author, in case the Contributor is different from corresponding author.

(4)Information related to the Contributor(or other authors) made available through Internet search (including any information available by researchmap, ORCID or others)

Verification of the authors or confirmation of the contents of Preprint Data in JST’s screening of Preprint Data (these data can be used in combination of the data as listed in item (2) of the left column.)

(5)Information regarding the Viewer (Internet domain name, IP address, or access information on viewing pages will be automatically collected by using cookie; however, no information will be used to identify an individual, except in case where using session cookie to verify log-in credentials.)

(i)To understand the tendency of usage of JST Preprint Data, including access tendency, and for statistics and analysis purpose to provide more effective services
(ii)To monitor to prevent excessive use or unauthorize access, or to take measure to recover from issues in system or others.
(iii)To process the collected access information for statistics purpose and to make the statistics available to the public

Unless permitted by applicable laws, JST will not use, for itself or for any third party, collected personal information for any purpose other than that provide in this Privacy Policy.

If JST outsources processing all or part of personal data to be used in this Site to any their party, JST shall make effort to supervise them for proper management of personal information.

3. The measure employed for the security control

JST will control collected information property and to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of such information, JST shall establish the rules for handling personal information separately for proper handling of personal information in JST, and comply with them and take necessary measures including encryption of communication or database. JST will also make proper management on the outsources JST retains for the purpose of handling personal information, based on contracts and other agreements.

4. Contact Information

Any inquiries or complaints shall be contacted to the following. Any request to disclosure of information of oneself shall be addressed to the following:

Japan Science and Technology Agency

Address: 5-3, 4-ban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Person in Charge: Director of Department for Information and Infrastructure

Contact address (E-mail):preprint@jst.go.jp