About Jxiv

Jxiv is the first full-fledged preprint server in Japan that makes unpublished, pre-reviewed papers (preprints) available for open access. It is operated by JST with the aim of supporting the acquisition of preemption rights on research results, accelerating research and development, contributing to the global academic community and building public knowledge through the rapid release and sharing of research papers.

Jxiv allows users to submit and publish preprints in all research fields including natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and interdisciplinary sciences in either Japanese or English. There is no charge for submitting, publishing, and viewing preprints.
Published preprints will be assigned a DOI*1 and can be used for secondary use (reproduction, reprinting, etc.) as Open Access*2 content under the conditions specified by the author(s). As a rule, the turnaround time from submission to publication is extremely fast, within 48 hours (not including holidays). Published preprints can be revised until they are accepted by the journal, and links to the journal version can be posted when the journal publishes a peer-reviewed article.
Jxiv allows you to disseminate your research results as early as possible, even if your research field has not yet established the use of a preprint server, or if your manuscript is in Japanese, for which there has been no place to publish preprints until now. By publishing papers before or at the same time as submission to the journal, the cycle of feedback from the research community is accelerated, which is expected to not only accelerate the preprint contributors' own research, but also stimulate the research community as a whole.

Jxiv will perform a basic check of all submitted preprints for appearance, ethical and legal risks, etc. prior to publication. However, we do not check or judge the logical integrity, authenticity, or data reliability. Preprints on Jxiv will be published as submitted without editing, proofreading, typesetting, etc. JST does not endorse or guarantee the overall content of the preprints published on Jxiv. Once published on Jxiv, preprints will be published semi-permanently and will not be withdrawn at the request of the author(s). They cannot be deleted or made private.

*1 DOI:Abbreviation for Digital Object Identifier. An international persistent identifier assigned to digital content such as articles, research data, books, etc., that functions as a URL to enable permanent access to the content.
*2 open access: Free of charge and available for secondary use under conditions determined by the author.